Vespa is a powerful online platform that seamlessly integrates Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, providing unparalleled performance for a variety of applications. Tailored to operate at any scale, Vespa leverages AI to process large datasets online, unlocking a world of possibilities for innovative applications and features. With Vespa, users can perform full-text search, leveraging advanced operators like WAND and supporting word position-based matching for enhanced relevance.

Why Choose Vespa?

  • The platform excels in fast approximate nearest neighbor search (ANN) in vector spaces, utilizing the efficient HNSW algorithm.
  • Vespa enables matching based on structured metadata, allowing for flexible and powerful queries that combine various operators through AND and OR logic.
  • Leveraging a rich set of relevance features, including bm25, advanced text features, geo-location, and time-based parameters, Vespa supports ranking by mathematical expressions, tensor features, and even integrates with popular machine learning tools like LightGbm, XGBoost, TensorFlow, and ONNX.
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