Vellum is an easy-to-use product development platform for AI, specifically designed to streamline the process of creating and managing models like GPT-4. It simplifies tasks such as rapid experimentation, regression testing, and version control for prompts and models. With a user-friendly interface, Vellum eliminates the need for juggling browser tabs and spreadsheets to track results during development.

Why Choose Vellum?

  • Experimentation Made Easy: Quickly develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) by experimenting with different prompts, parameters, and Language Model (LLM) providers to find the best configuration for your use case.
  • Backtesting and Tracking: Vellum collects model inputs, outputs, and user feedback to build valuable testing datasets. This data helps validate changes before they go live, ensuring efficient and error-free development.
  • Efficient AI Adoption: Vellum guides users along the AI adoption curve, facilitating a smooth transition from prototyping to deploying prompts and ultimately optimizing models in three straightforward steps.
  • Deployment and Integration: Use Vellum's LLM-provider-agnostic API to seamlessly interface with deployed prompts/models in production. It is compatible with popular open-source libraries, providing flexibility in integration.
  • Measure and Iterate: Vellum automatically captures essential data to understand how models perform in production, allowing for continuous improvement over time.
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