Unlocking Efficiency with Full Line Code Completion in JetBrains IDEs

Unlocking Efficiency with Full Line Code Completion in JetBrains IDEs

The integration of AI into software development workflows has been a subject of debate among developers, yet its adoption continues to rise steadily. With the release of version 2024.1 of JetBrains IDEs, a new feature called full line code completion has been introduced, marking a significant advancement in AI-powered programming tools. This feature operates locally, ensuring data privacy and security by not transmitting any information over the internet.

What exactly is full line code completion in JetBrains IDEs?
This novel addition to JetBrains IDEs offers gray-toned, single-line suggestions that intelligently complete code lines based on the context within the current file. Developed using specialized language models tailored for various programming languages and frameworks, this feature is available for Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, PHP, Go, and Ruby in corresponding JetBrains IDEs. While initially focused on these languages, plans are underway to extend support to C#, Rust, and C++ in the near future.

How does full line completion enhance productivity?
The primary objective of full line code completion is to streamline coding workflows, facilitating faster development while addressing concerns surrounding cloud-based AI solutions. Here’s how it achieves these goals:

  1. Local and Offline Operation: By executing locally, full line code completion remains accessible even without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  2. Data Privacy: Since no code is sent over the internet, user data remains secure on local machines, eliminating the need for additional cloud-related expenses.
  3. Deep Integration: Integrated seamlessly into JetBrains IDEs, the feature ensures properly formatted suggestions, balanced brackets, and quotes, enhancing code correctness and readability.
  4. Smart Filtering: Leveraging static analysis and user behavior patterns, the feature intelligently filters out irrelevant suggestions, minimizing disruptions to the coding process.

Comparing Full Line Code Completion with JetBrains AI Assistant:
While both functionalities aim to expedite coding tasks, they differ in scope and capabilities. Full line code completion focuses on enhancing line-by-line coding efficiency, whereas JetBrains AI Assistant offers broader functionality, including context-aware assistance and automated test generation.

Under the Hood:
The backbone of full line code completion is a language model trained in-house on open-source code datasets. Operating locally, the model's inference process is optimized for different machine architectures, running on CPU for x86-64 systems and utilizing GPU for ARM64 architectures. Despite its compact size, the model effectively suggests continuations of code lines with high accuracy.

Tweaking the Feature:
Users can customize full line code completion settings via the IDE's preferences menu, enabling or disabling the feature according to their preferences.

Providing Feedback:
As full line code completion remains in active development, user feedback is invaluable for refining its functionality. Users are encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions through blog comments or by raising issues on the official JetBrains platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Full line code completion offers localized AI-powered assistance for enhancing coding efficiency.
  • It ensures data privacy by operating locally and offline, without transmitting code over the internet.
  • Future updates aim to expand support for additional programming languages and further optimize performance.


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