Supabase, an open-source alternative to Firebase, empowers developers to kickstart projects over a weekend and seamlessly scale to millions. It offers a comprehensive toolkit, utilizing Postgres as its backbone, with a range of features such as Authentication, Instant APIs, Edge Functions, Realtime subscriptions, Storage, and Vector embeddings.

Why Choose Supabase?

  • Instant APIs Simplify Development: Supabase automatically generates APIs, freeing developers from building repetitive CRUD endpoints, allowing them to focus on product development.
  • User-Friendly Data Management: With a table editor that simplifies Postgres usage, even non-tech users can easily manage data directly from the Supabase dashboard.
  • Postgres Stability and Advanced Capabilities: Each Supabase project comes with a full Postgres database, recognized globally for its stability and advanced features.
  • Versatile Authentication System: Supabase Auth can function as a standalone product or seamlessly integrate with other Supabase offerings, leveraging Postgres' built-in Auth functionality.
  • Global Realtime Functionality: Supabase provides a distributed cluster of Realtime servers enabling features like broadcast messaging, presence tracking, and listening to Postgres database changes, all with low latency.
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