SQLAI is an AI-powered tool that swiftly generates, fixes, explains, and optimizes SQL queries. By incorporating your database schema and training the AI using vector search, it ensures unparalleled accuracy. SQLAI simplifies SQL for all users, allowing them to benefit from its capabilities, while experts can work even faster with the support of trained AI for more accurate query generations.

Why Choose SQLAI?

  1. SQL Generator: Transforms everyday language instructions into simple or complex SQL queries, supporting both SQL and NoSQL.
  2. Optimized SQL Generator: Offers performance-optimized SQL generation for faster queries and optimization tips.
  3. Fix SQL Queries: Corrects SQL queries with a simple copy-paste, as AI generates a fixed version.
  4. Optimize SQL Queries: Enhances SQL query performance with AI-generated optimized queries.
  5. Explain SQL Queries: Provides detailed inline explanations for better understanding of SQL queries.
  6. Format SQL Queries: Improves readability by formatting SQL queries with a simple click.

SQLAI combines the power of AI with connected databases, making SQL tasks efficient and accessible to all users, regardless of their expertise level.

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