PyTorch is a powerful tool that makes experimenting with and putting machine learning models into action easy and efficient. It offers a user-friendly front-end for quick and flexible experimentation, along with the ability to smoothly transition between eager and graph modes using TorchScript. PyTorch is production-ready and accelerates the journey to production with TorchServe.

Why Choose PyTorch?

  • Production Ready: PyTorch seamlessly transitions between eager and graph modes using TorchScript, facilitating efficient production deployment with TorchServe.
  • Distributed Training: The torch.distributed backend enables scalable distributed training and performance optimization in both research and production settings.
  • Robust Ecosystem: PyTorch boasts a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries that extend its capabilities, supporting development in various domains, including computer vision and natural language processing (NLP).
  • Cloud Support: PyTorch is well-supported on major cloud platforms, ensuring smooth development and easy scalability for machine learning projects.
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