Pachyderm is an advanced platform designed to automate complex data pipelines with sophisticated transformations.Pachyderm intelligently triggers pipelines by detecting changes in data, all of which is automatically version controlled by the platform. This robust solution is widely used across various industries and use cases, offering a powerful solution for optimizing data processing, MLOps, and ML lifecycles.

Why Choose Pachyderm?

  • Automatic Detection: Data-driven pipelines are triggered automatically based on detecting changes in the data.
  • Version Control: The platform ensures automatic immutable data lineage and versioning for all types of data, fostering traceability and reproducibility.
  • Autoscaling: Built on Kubernetes, Pachyderm offers autoscaling and parallel processing for efficient resource orchestration.
  • Automatic Deduplication: Leveraging standard object stores for data storage, Pachyderm ensures automatic deduplication, optimizing storage efficiency.
  • Cloud & On-Prem: Pachyderm seamlessly runs across major cloud providers and on-premises installations, providing flexibility in deployment.
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