Oracle Introduces Oracle Code Assist: Enhancing Developer Productivity with AI Companion

Oracle Introduces Oracle Code Assist: Enhancing Developer Productivity with AI Companion

In a bid to empower developers and expedite application development, Oracle has announced Oracle Code Assist, an AI-powered coding assistant tailored to boost developer velocity and enhance code consistency. With the increasing adoption of AI tools among developers, Oracle aims to revolutionize software development by leveraging its expertise alongside the capabilities of generative AI.

Addressing Developer Needs

Developers worldwide face mounting pressure to deliver high-quality code efficiently, especially in languages like Java and SQL, which are fundamental to many applications and databases. Oracle Code Assist targets this challenge by providing context-specific suggestions and optimizations tailored to developers' specific needs and organizational standards.

Key Features of Oracle Code Assist

  • Boosting Developer Velocity: Oracle Code Assist streamlines application development by offering context-specific suggestions and explanations, thus reducing time spent on mundane tasks. Powered by large language models (LLMs) running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the tool provides tailored suggestions while adhering to best practices and coding patterns.
  • Enhancing Code Consistency: By aligning with an organization's best practices and codebase, Oracle Code Assist ensures software consistency and adherence to internal policies. Developers can customize the tool to incorporate internal libraries, coding frameworks, and industry-specific standards, thereby facilitating code origination within permissible licenses.
  • Improving Code Quality: Oracle Code Assist proactively identifies bugs and inefficiencies through real-time flags and suggested fixes. Using a combination of pretrained LLM-driven localization techniques and automated unit test generation, developers  developers can identify and resolve bugs earlier in the development process.

Deployment and Availability

Oracle Code Assist will be available as a plugin for popular development environments such as JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA and Microsoft Visual Studio Code. While currently undergoing internal user testing within Oracle, the tool will be made accessible to external developers in the future.

Future Prospects

As Oracle continues to refine and enhance Oracle Code Assist, developers can expect additional features and functionalities aimed at further streamlining the development process. Oracle acknowledges the feedback and requests from external developers and customers, emphasizing its commitment to delivering a robust and user-friendly coding assistant.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Streamlined Development: Oracle Code Assist aims to accelerate application development by providing context-specific suggestions and optimizations, thus reducing development time.
  2. Customizable Solutions: Developers can tailor Oracle Code Assist to align with their organization's best practices, coding frameworks, and industry standards, ensuring code consistency and adherence to internal policies.
  3. Proactive Bug Identification: The tool proactively identifies bugs and inefficiencies, allowing developers to address issues earlier in the development process and thereby improving overall code quality.
  4. Accessible Integration: Oracle Code Assist will be available as a plugin for popular development environments, making it accessible to a large number of developers.
  5. Ongoing Development: Oracle remains committed to refining and enhancing Oracle Code Assist based on user feedback and requests, with the aim of delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly coding assistant.


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