OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus is an AI and ML-powered IT operations management solution that forecasts interruptions and automates IT operations. It offers a unified approach to IT operations management by integrating capabilities for monitoring networks, servers, IP addresses, switch ports, bandwidth, network configurations, firewall rules, logs, policies, application usage, and storage devices. This eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools, optimizing performance and removing operational bottlenecks.

Why Choose OpManager Plus?

  • Holistic Visibility: OpManager Plus provides comprehensive visibility across IT infrastructure, addressing operational challenges layer by layer.
  • Network Layer: Monitors performance metrics of over 1000 devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, WLANs, load balancers, and more. It analyzes network traffic patterns, manages IP addresses, and optimizes bandwidth consumption.
  • Server & Storage Layer: Tracks 100+ critical physical and virtual server performance metrics for various infrastructure models. Monitors RAID, tape library systems, forecasts capacity, and manages fabric switches.
  • Application Layer: Monitors both cloud and on-premise application infrastructure, offering code-level diagnostics, synthetic transaction monitoring, and management of web services and on-cloud applications.
  • Security Layer: Reviews and audits firewall rules and policies, enforces firewall rules, implements role-based access control, and pushes configuration changes.
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