Meet GoCD: A Free & Open Source CI/CD Server

Meet GoCD: A Free & Open Source CI/CD Server

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery / Deployment (CD) are an integral part of modern software development practices that help increase efficiency and streamline workflows. CI/CD pipelines reduce human intervention, thereby minimizing downtime and leading to faster code releases. GoCD is an open-source CI/CD system that allows users to easily model and visualize complex workflows, optimize their processes, and configure dependencies for fast and on-demand deployment.

GoCD has a value stream map that provides an end-to-end view of the pipeline. It helps visualize the CI/CD workflows, providing features like seeing what caused the pipeline to be triggered (a git commit or a time trigger), what downstream pipelines were triggered because of the same, the current pipeline status, and the ability to easily debug problems. GoCD also has a fan-in (multiple upstream materials are required to trigger a downstream pipeline) and fan-out (a material's completion triggers multiple pipelines) dependency management that helps avoid spurious builds.


Advantages of GoCD

  • GoCD's value stream map helps users easily navigate across different jobs, spot any inefficiencies, and optimize their processes.
  • GoCD supports cloud-native deployments on Kubernetes and Docker and offers out-of-the-box CD capabilities.
  • With features like parallel execution and dependency management, GoCD allows users to model complex CD workflows for fast feedback.
  • GoCD provides advanced traceability of a broken pipeline by tracking every change from commit to deployment.
  • GoCD also has the ability to integrate with PostgreSQL, H2, and MySQL databases.
  • The tool has extension points for which users can create plugins.

Limitations of GoCD

  • GoCD has a lesser number of plugins than its competitors, like Jenkins.
  • Configuring agents in GoCD is cumbersome and requires expertise.
  • The tool is also more memory-intensive than some of the other CI/CD tools.
  • Scalability is another limitation of the tool, and users might face challenges when there are too many pipelines.

In conclusion, GoCD is a CI/CD system that allows users to easily model and visualize complex workflows. It eliminates bottlenecks, keeps configuration tidy, and facilitates collaboration. Some users have reported issues with the tool, like fewer plugins, harder configuration, and issues with scalability. However, it has many other features that simplify the process of development, and users can make the choice based on their specific use case.

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