Flowise is an open-source UI visual tool designed to simplify the process of building customized Language Model (LLM) orchestration flows and AI agents. It provides a low-code approach, allowing users to iterate quickly through various versions of LLM apps, making it easier to transition from testing to production.

Why Choose Flowise?

  1. LLM Orchestration: Connect LLMs with various components such as memory, data loaders, cache, and moderation tools to create comprehensive orchestration flows.
  2. Agents & Assistants: Build autonomous agents capable of executing diverse tasks with the support of 100+ integrations.
  3. Custom Tools: Utilize tools like OpenAI Assistant, Function Agent, and APIs to extend and integrate LLM applications into your own projects.
  4. Open Source LLMs: Run LLMs in an air-gapped environment with local models, embeddings, and vector databases. The platform supports popular models like HuggingFace, Ollama, LocalAI, Replicate, Llama2, Mistral, Vicuna, Orca, and Llava.
  5. Deployment Options: Self-host your applications on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP for flexibility and scalability.
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