Sourcegraph powers Cody, the coding AI assistant, enhancing the coding experience by using AI and in-depth knowledge of your codebase.

Why Choose Cody?

  1. Code Faster with AI-Assisted Autocomplete: Cody accelerates coding tasks by providing autocomplete suggestions for single lines or entire functions, spanning various programming languages, configuration files, or documentation.
  2. AI-Powered Chat for Your Code: Cody's chat feature assists in overcoming challenges when tackling new projects, understanding legacy code, or solving complex problems, providing valuable guidance and unblocking support.
  3. Sourcegraph Powered Context: Leveraging Sourcegraph's code graph and analysis tools, Cody gains additional context to autocomplete, explain, and edit your code more effectively. This integration enhances the overall coding experience.

In essence, Cody, with Sourcegraph, enables developers to code more efficiently, reducing the need for manual typing and providing valuable assistance throughout the coding process.

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